Part time earnings.

Earn unlimited cash

Welcome. Everybody wants to earn money in their free time. Even I want to make use of my free time by earning online from home. I had studied a lot in online regarding online jobs, part time jobs, home based data entry etc. Few companies are genuine but most of them are fake. But how can we recognize them? So to avoid being cheated you can start working online without any investment. This is not the idea to earn huge amount in the beginning itself. So don’t expect to earn more unless and until you work for it. 

Pay per click

You can view ads and earn. There are many companies who gives money for the clients to visit their pages. This is the easiest way but you can not make a huge profit out of this unless you do affiliate marketing for their site. Joining in all these sites is easy. Please make sure that you understand the work before you start. Don’t forget to login daily. Offers in these sites may change often. So login daily and check out your offers and tasks.

You have to receive the payments for your work,right? These sites pay you money through Paypal, Payza. This is the account which you can create to receive your payment. First sign in to paypal and register your mail there. You have to give that email id for the payment to the websites you work.To create Paypal       account,goto and sign up. Give your bank details where you want to receive the amount. Paypal will send you two small amounts to your account within a period of six to seven days after you register. You have to mention the two amounts correctly to PayPal. This is for your bank verification and confirmation.

Now,I can list out some PTC sites

1. Clicksense

This is the most trusted site. You can earn through clicking the ads or by answering their surveys. There are many task based jobs in this site for you to earn. By downloading the apps also you can easily earn money. Play Clixgrid, a game of chance to win 10$. Clixsense minimum payout is 10$. They pay the amount through Paypal, Payza. To join clicksense,  clickhere.


This is another PTC site. Here you can earn by viewing ads, completing offers. The beginners are called as baby clickers here. You can earn by completing sign up offers also. To join familyclix,  clickhere

3. scarletclicks

This is also another PTC site. You can earn here by viewing advertisements. You can earn only by bringing your referrals down.

To join Scarlet clicks, clickhere.

4. Ojooo

In this site you can earn by viewing ads, sign up offers, by completing tasks, etc. You can find more ads here to click. So click more and earn more. Lots of offers, app downloading, sign up tasks are available.

To join Ojooo, clickhere.

5. Questgpt

Questgpt is also another PTC site. Clicking ads will be the same in all these sites. But completing offers and tasks may vary. It is the highest paying site for viewing the advertisements.Read the forum page in the sites to understand more. To join in Questgpt, clickhere.


This is also an interesting PTC site which has many offers and tasks to earn. To join clickhere


This is the highest paying site for viewing advertisements. You can earn minimum $2 within a week for just watching the advertisers website alone. Maximum earnings is up to you. To join Planetclix, clickhere

Please do not open more than one account in your name in any of these sites. Only one member is allowed from one IP address. If you get caught, your account will be terminated. For doubts, read the forum page in the sites. Understand your work and start earning. Have a good day!! 

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